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Social Media IS Guerrilla Marketing


Social Media IS Guerrilla Marketing

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I recently had an intense discussion with a colleague about guerrilla marketing principles and how it applies to Guerrilla Social Media.  Though edgy and unconventional marketing tactics typically define guerrilla marketing strategies, a basic examination of guerrilla marketing boils down to two things, covert and unexpected or undetectable marketing.

A properly implemented social media marketing strategy is both covert and unexpected.  Social media is about permission based interaction.  People allow you and your business into their space.  As the business, you are sharing information, and becoming a source which builds trust with your friends, family and followers.

**JustinSMV Editors Note:   Social Media is defined as using Social Communication in media channels to build open and engaging relationships.   Just to clarify Guerrilla Marketing is not a sneaky tatic just to build trust and then sell, Guerilla Marketing is defined as an unconventional form of marketing that elvoves into being viral without the hard sell of in your face used car’s sales man. **

Did he say trust?

Trust is a psychological guerrilla marketing tactic.  Though in most cases, trust is something we foster as genuinely good and decent people, as a business owner, trust is an unsuspecting open door.

Inform, Interact, Attract

people-and-a-brainPeople want to do business with people that they trust above all things and social media helps generate a mystical level of trust between people who have never had face to face interaction.  Sharing your life and valuable info with people attracts them to what you have to say.  Also, saying meaningful things to them lets people know you care and solidifies the relationship.  This breaks down walls of reluctance which makes people more open to at least finding out about whatever you have to offer.

Overtly, you’ve made a friend.  Covertly, “you’re in”!


Once you’ve penetrated the walls of resistance magic really happens when someone is compelled to share you and your business with others.  Becoming known as being ‘worth knowing’ is one of the most important elements of making your business VIRAL!

So put on your camouflage, hit the field and make some friends.  You never know where that might take your business.


User Comments

  1. Rob Laughter
    August 28, 2009

    I was with you, man, but this post makes me seriously reconsider my position on GSM. Social media is 100% overt, not manipulative. Strategy is not covert, it’s not unexpected… In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

    Sure, it’s about gaining users’ permission to interact with them, and sure you’re finding them on their own terms, but to do so under false pretenses? I fear you’ve got social media wrong…


    • Damien Steiner Smith
      August 28, 2009

      Nothing about my post says that social media is manipulative. In fact I’m saying quite the opposite. The overt nature of social media inspires a level of trust that takes place on a covert level. This post is breaking down to the simplest form WHY social media works for business and why it is a guerrilla marketing strategy versus a traditional or overt marketing strategy

      Though in most cases, trust is something we foster as genuinely good and decent people, as a business owner, trust is an unsuspecting open door.

      The term ‘good and genuine’ implies the fact that there are no false pretenses. And the collective social media mind has an acute ability to detect the sales tactics making it a self regulating community.

      You have to understand the psychology of marketing to understand the subliminal and therefore covert nature of social media/permission based marketing.


  2. JustinSMV
    August 28, 2009

    @Rob – I think you misunderstood Guerrilla Social Media…Guerrilla Marketing Technique is an unconventional approach that is not too direct like a pushy used car sales man. These not so “normal” marketing techniques can be very undercover because we are building relationships first before trying to sell or push anything for clients, the clients will make the decision built on trust which in essence ties in Guerrilla Marketing. Any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

    Justin Williams


  3. Julie@Momspective
    September 16, 2009

    You’re right. Although I’ve made some of my best friends because of Social Media, my business has tripled because of it as well. Oooh…now I feel like a soldier or something lol.


  4. Jaylyn Bergner
    October 20, 2009

    Last night I wrote a blog, spurred by Justin’s comments last Thursday, about the link between SM and PR, without having seen yours first. Though yours is much longer and more detailed. Kudos to you! Next time I’ll have to read your blog before posting something that could be similar. We even started out the same way. How funny is that?? Great job on the blog by the way!


  5. dawn miller
    January 8, 2010

    that’s why i like your company!! because it is called ‘guerrilla!’ Guerrilla marketing gets in the hearts and minds of consumers quicker than any ad slick or pricey TV commerical! They do business with people they interact with, people they just meet rather than some jingle they hear on the radio….well, in my opinion….good blog!


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