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Social Media: Accelerating the End of Days one Post at a Time


Social Media: Accelerating the End of Days one Post at a Time




I love being a Gen-Xer.  I’m right in between “Go outside and play” and “Sit in front of a TV all day.”  I’ve been able to live through amazing evolutions of technology participating in most every step of its transition.  When I was a kid, my understanding of tsunamis was limited to the school films of kids on beaches picking up flopping fish before disappearing into an animated wave. I also grew up in inland Jersey and Virginia, so the ideas of monsoons, typhoons, earthquakes and even hurricanes were relatively foreign then.


Traditional media did a great job of bringing us ‘up-to-the minute’, ‘after the fact’.  Seeing something real-time was rare, especially from a real person’s perspective.  In 2004 and 2005 the devastation of the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and Hurricane Katrina, shocked everyone and glued us to traditional media that couldn’t get info out fast enough or from a perspective we could relate to.

Social Media – Enter Stage Right

Since 2004 as we know, social media has exploded and the race is on because real people can submit the news as it happens via social networks which can be more relevant and reliable. Our friends give a true perspective rather than polished news content and if you have a friend on the scene, you trust them to ‘report’ it as-is not as it should be. We also race each other wanting to be the first one to inform our Facebook friends of recent disasters because everyone wants to be in the know. Social Media’s role in the most recent disaster in Japan has further illuminated this phenomenon.

Because we see so much more news, as it happens, from a more realistic perspectives, mass social media exposure distorts our view of reality. We’ve gone from hearing signs and wonders to actually seeing and living it minute by minute.  This combined with the fact that the world is scheduled to end in 2012 has caused an increase in doomsday messages.

Now before you go hoarding canned goods and buying that ham radio, there is a website that will put your mind at ease.  The National Association of Radio Distress Signals (RSOE) has an awesome Alert Map that tracks disaster related events worldwide.

Disasters Occur Every Minute of Every Day

This perspective, shows that Earth really is a leaving breathing thing and there is always something going on with it so there’s no need to panic yet.  Now, if all your best friends disappear, that might be a cause for concern.

How has easy access to world events effected your view the pending end of days scenario?

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  1. Jose
    July 13, 2015

    Έτσι ακριβώς. Όλες οι μάσκες πέφτουν. (“Παιδιά, αν διαβάζει κάποιος άνεργος, η Marfin ψάχνει για τρεις υπαλλήλους. ‪#imfgr” by Pitsirikos, σύντροφος και συνοδοιπόρος του oldboy στον αντιμνημονιακό αγώνα για αξιοπρέπεια (και στο unfoollw))uctl68


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