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gorilla-go-team-smallGuerrilla Social Media is rooted in the principles of Guerrilla Marketing and applies these principles to social media. We believe that every business has a target market and has a different perspective on how they can bring meaning and value to that market compared to their competition. We help them take their vision and translate it into effective Guerrilla Social Media Tactics.

Businesses are discovering that the old methods of advertising are just as expensive, but less effective, and new methods of advertising are very expensive and to some degree untested and appear risky. The power in social media is that it’s often free. Some professionals and business owners simply need to be empowered with education and/or set up of their social media strategy to get their business in the right social media direction. Others just need to see the statistics and are looking for a company to provide an affordable alternative to an expensive social media manager.

At GSM, we meet the needs of both and any business professional in between by providing consultations, workshops and full social media management services at reasonable prices.


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