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Damien Steiner Smith

Chief Executive Officer


virginia beach social media senseiDamien Smith founded Guerrilla Social Media with one thing in mind: Bringing the power of  social media to all businesses in a simple, efficient and affordable way.  After his career in the US  Navy as a Tomahawk Weapons System Technician, he began selling Legal Plans in the state of Virginia  and found cold calling a difficult and inefficient method of generating business.  After networking with  business professionals who were having success with social media, Damien began blogging actively  and to his surprise he began generating about 1000 hits per month on his non-SEO friendly company generated website.  After helping many professionals generate similar and even greater results, he began building a team of social media managers who helped develop the simplified social media marketing strategy together that is now known as Guerrilla Social Media.

Contact Damien directly at 757-748-6856
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Baran Hill

Baran Hill was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He attended Saint Augustine High School and was their Officer of Communications. Responsible for announcements, news and updates, he also filmed sports, and various other activities to feature them during his announcements. He felt it was important to draw a light to all the different things people in the school were a part of. With a leadership scholarship and a few other scholarships he attended Ripon College in Wisconsin.
After two years he decided that college wasn’t his best option at the time and joined the Navy. He became a Nuclear Reactor Mechanic completed the Nuclear School programs and qualifications and was stationed on a carrier in Norfolk, Virginia.
When he finished, he went back into school and eventually learned and developed an affinity for the internet. He learned a great deal of knowledge from Damien Smith and continues his education online for his degree in Internet Marketing. His passion too help people understand and relate to this technology is ever present.

His goal is to help Guerrilla Social Media grow the overall revenue this year to 4 times what it was last year and to have Guerrilla Social Media grow its local business up through Williamsburg.

He currently works with small and medium size businesses as well as professionals to help them generate referrals from the internet by helping them with the variety of topics. He is happy knowing that when people can sit down with him and then later get up having learned something new that can help them and their business.


Justin A. Williams

smatbbiojustin Justin Williams is Co-Founder of Guerrilla Social Media.  Since 2006 He  has has been blogging and  effectively utilizing Social Media channels to grow his Financial Business.  As the creator of Social Media Vision, Justin was a powerful  influencer and speaker for various Social  Media events in Hampton Roads ranging from small training seminars to REBarcamp  2009.  Justin is  known to a be an avid Tech, Marketing & Social Media enthusiast with a bit of Geek in his heart.  More  information  about Justin can be found here

Kristi South Schneider – Social Butterfly

Best Photographer In Virginia BeachBorn & raised in King & Queen, Va, now residing in VA Beach, Kristi joyfully “blames” her parents for her well- rounded, southern- Motown upbringing! From her country rooted, hard working, live-off the land kind of daddy, to her independent, strong woman of faith, Motown momma, it is to this diversity she owes her main success & foundation in her life.

Kristi has a degree in Exercise & Health Science from Christopher Newport University & has been employed since 12 years old has done everything from served ice cream, managed jewelry stores, sung in bands & been in outside sales. Yet her main passion, photography, quickly took her from a weekend hobbyist to a highly requested photographer! Hence, Kristi Jo Photo was born & thriving today!

So what is she really like? Well her dating profile said, “ a universal, chameleon-like personality that can go from country bumpkin to glamour gal in the blink of an eye” & a recent designer said she is, “sophisticated with a splash of grunge, hint of chic & nothing but fun all around”. Whatever she is, she will be bringing it all to the Guerrilla Social Media team! So get on board, get in on the fun, get “shot” & get “social” with Kristi now!

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